Monday, March 21, 2005

Motile 2005

2005 is going to be a busy year for Motile - I plan to release two CD albums: 'Inlets' Daughter' and 'eTudes'; continue with promotion and also start to publicize and develop PMusic, a form of computer-based generative music. Here's an overview of each of these activities:

'Inlets' Daughter' (RM002), as the title may suggest, is a continuation of, and development from, the territory explored in the album 'Inlets' (RM001). 'ID' will be Motile's second RMusic project and I'm aiming to release it sometime between the end of May and the beginning of August. The main influences upon it are the continued practice of working improvised material through MIDI and the use water sounds and birdsong as sonic textures (I will be writing more on 'Inlet's Daughter' as it nears completion).

'éTudes' (RM003) will feature a number of 'studies' generated while working on the previous two albums - a sort of a musical sketchbook. My intention is to release this collection of pieces towards the end of the year.

For the promotion of Motile I have been trawling the web to find directories and other useful sites to contact. Anyone owning a small record label may find the following useful:
Get Me Music

Pmusic: to begin with, I am going to place a few short PMusic tracks on the Chameleon Lectra website under the collective title of 'Singles'. These will be available for free, via Shockwave. I have several larger compositions I could release but due to the novel and radical nature of the form I want to consider the development of Pmusic most carefully. 2006 will be the year of Pmusic...

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