Monday, May 25, 2009

Bank of Holiday Monday

Still recovering myself.

Trying to diary a future.

Degree Shows coming up.

No composed music for a short while, although still listening to 'Last night the moon came...'

Looking through the annual Field Report still better than going to a Biennale...

Bank of Holiday Monday pays golden coins of rest.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sat All Day

After a very full and tiring week at work, Saturday - time to rest and catch up.

Consemble Son count is very healthy with a couple of months to go:
Consemble C2 - 54
Consemble E - 35
Consemble F - 39
Consemble G - 31
(all out of a maximum of 60)
Quite a few of the recent ones are from composers via NetNewMusic.
I plan to add some wah guitar to E and some drawing sounds (the sound of stylus on papyrus) to G quite soon.
Finished the Bourriaud and enjoyed it, then discovered to my delight there is a book called 'Non-relational Aesthetics' by Charlie Gere (and others), who I knew at Middlesex and who has gone on to great, if unrelational, things. Not everyone is a fan of this response but I will certainly seek it out. Also found some interesting online perceptions of RA. One criminal omission is any real discussion of sound or music - it seems to me that an average, intelligent Rock concert fulfils many of Bourriaud's requirements for an art of contact. Should also mention that RA is no longer all that contemporary and the debate has moved on. A few more coffees and I may chase after it.
Small painting show now moved to early Sept. though the 'canvasses' continue to build up. It's recently occurred to me that a 'Fragaria' accompanying bookwork could contain some scans of sketches for work, as well as text and photos. Still thinking about how to represent it online (without being ripped off).

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Brief: Encounters

University of Plymouth
Second Year Students
Fine Art Show 2009

16th - 22nd May
open 11am to 7pm

The Brewhouse, Royal William Yard,
Plymouth, Devon UK


need to tidy + blue Sunday = here

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bed and Two Posts

I had three arrivals recently.

One was a heavy cold that turned into a 'flu-like illness - the kind where your life shrinks to the size of a bed. After a couple of days of trying to sleep it off (so I would be able to function at work) I stumble downstairs to find two packages:

One was the most recent Field Report, painstakingly assembled by Dave Dellafiora. I tore off the three layers of packaging and sat down to read the news from the Field. Better than ever, the 2008 Report continues to represent the diversity of art possibilities away from Gallery Mainstreet. [see also: report-from-field-2007]

One was Jon Hassell's 'Last night the moon came dropping its clothes in the street' - an album whose originality and beauty I will have to try to describe after I am fed and well...
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