Tuesday, March 22, 2005

re: Collectibilty of Music in a Digital Domain

There is currently a really interesting debate surrounding the status of digital work, especially music. One of the suggestions is for musicians to release tracks via the web for a limited time only or as a series of remixes. A lot of the discussion centres on notions of originality and collectability (desirability?) and there is also a political thrust away from the major record companies. I submitted a slightly tangental post to beatbyte in response to this discussion. More on the topic can be found at this forum and a related discussion by Peter Gabriel and Brian Eno outlining MUDDA
- the Magnificent Union of Digitally Downloading Artists.
There is also a MUDDA website.

In my post I mentioned, briefly, my intention to release Inlets' Daughter as a CD and a series of mp3s and that its 'album cover' would be a physical object. More on this (and this discussion) in future posts.

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