Thursday, July 29, 2004

Post-It Notes

The whole process of delivering 'Inlets' to the world has been extremely educational. Now that the album has been available for several weeks there are many ongoing threads I must attend to.

Firstly: I find myself constantly re-evaluating the Chameleon Lectra website and making adjustments. Two things still need to be addressed here - a clearer mapping of RMusic and PMusic and the development of the sketchBook area.

Secondly: 'Inlets' needs to be promoted. I have a series of ads in the Wire magazine arranged and I also plan to contact Resonance FM to see if I can do something with them. I must send out some review copies.

Thirdly: (and this tends to interfere with the previous two points) I am currently creating new music. This, in itself, involves an ongoing process of evaluation and selection.

What is clear from this post to myself is that I need to have an effective strategy to attend to all necessary areas. My advice to anyone getting involved in music creation and distribution, from what I have learned so far, is: be prepared to keep things flexible and be curious about new developments, both cultural and technological.

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