Sunday, January 27, 2008

January Looks Forward

Paul Ramsay Jan 08 The beginning of a new year always gives a nice sense of rhythm to the wandering line that is my life (and yours?) - a chance to delineate a fresh mental space.

And so while I am planning to realise work based on ideas I've been developing over the past year or more, I also want to leave some room for spontaneity and surprise. Fish finger fox.

And so here are some things that'll be going into the Chameleon Lectra mix - as listed in the last CL Newsletter but with additional comments - bearing in mind I haven't gathered all of the ingredients yet:

ID cover
RMusic 003: work has already begun on a new Motile album to be titled 'Inlets' Daughter' and due for release in early-to-mid '08.

This album is emerging as an extension of the territory explored in 'Inlets', with contributions from other musicians; its main influences are sea and sky. ID will be available in a range of formats and the primary album cover will be in the form of a mug - a development from my rethinking of the album.

Consemble A licence
The four ongoing Consemble projects are continuing to grow, with more projects planned for the coming year; your contributions are welcome.

Parallel Music eTude 23, based on my experience with Consembling, will be premiered as part of the Sound and Film (Voices Festival) on Sunday 24th 2008 in the Jill Craigie Cinema, Roland Levinsky Building, University of Plymouth. This strand of the event is being organised by John Matthias.

Amongst the various contributors to Consemble are composer John Matthias and mail artist Martha Aitchison [Consemble D: 'warm surroundings'], Martin (of headphonica) [Consemble B: 'Dusk'], Teofo M from Botswana [Consemble C: 'the idea of voice'] and Cyrus, who lives in Seoul, Korea [Consemble A: 'Snapshot'].

PMusic Single
Parallel Music releases, in the form of interactive Singles, are currently being developed for purchase and download (Mac and PC) - initially via The free, earlier Singles can be heard here.

A PMusic album is pencilled in (2HB) for a 2009 launch.

Working on releasing some new PMusic in the form of Singles will allow me to continue to develop the form and content of some relatively short PMusic pieces for this year while giving me time to complete and promote the RMusic 'Inlets' Daughter'. The experience of selling the Singles will also inform the distribution of the first PMusic album. I'm very much looking forward to creating this first Parallel Music collection - it's certainly been a long time coming! (over ten years!)

Positions Bookwork
Bookworks, paper and pixel, on a range of subjects including sex, music, the sea, insect life and salt crystal painting etc. are being prepared for publication.

I released a number of publications (with some collaborative works) on my own imprint 'Alembic Books' in the early '90s and these proved to be very popular. My intention is to re-present some of this material - and also develop some new bookworks - for sale via the web, both as paperbacks and computer-based pieces (lectra). This will also fulfill my intention of extending the range of artistic activity within Chameleon Lectra.

Work will also continue on the collaboration with Steve Thorpe (Rockworks and Soundworks), the updating of and the recomposing of the music of Miss Beatrice Harrison...

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'the map is not the territory'

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