Saturday, December 15, 2007

Chameleon Christmas 2007

This year has seen the gradual evolution of PMusic from experimental, unreleased pieces (with the exception of Singles) into gallery works, planned downloads, online pieces and the Consemble project. It's heartening that I've finally got to this situation as Chameleon Lectra was initially formed as a means of distributing and promoting this new, original musical system. I am planning, scheming and plotting to continue to use this forward momentum to give PMusic the airing it deserves.

There is now a Newsletters' index page on the CL site which links, naturally enough, to previous emailed communications and the CL Newsletter 12/12/07 details the upcoming projects and aspirations for 2008 as well as providing a link to a PMusic Christmas card.

This composition also awaits anyone who read this blog before Jan 1st 2008 - just click on the moon above.

Next entry will outline Chameleon Lectra's plans for the new year, including the release (whisper it) of 'Inlets' Daughter'.

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