Thursday, December 17, 2015

Card Music 2015: Christmas Palette Music

Card Music has become, along with advent calendars and crap adverts which begin in October, one of the traditional Christmas events at Chameleon Lectra, the parent organisation to Alembic Books.

This year's card music is called 'Christmas Palette Music'.

CardMusic 2015 is in fact 6 small compositions that can be played alone or combined, and takes its inspiration from children's painting kits.

Sounds used include an extended 'manger' of animals such as reindeer, cows, birds etc., musical chimes and notes, domestic sounds, plant environment sounds, choirs, outdoor recordings made during the period, ice, parties and even good old Scrooge makes an appearance (occasionally).

As always, this work is different on every playing - so try it a few times, using various colours, to see which performance the card music will give for you... 

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