Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Posting July: 31/7/2013 and Alembic Books is live

Alembic Books - go fetch the water

Alembic Books is now officially live:

There are 4 books in the Summer 2013 release, all available separately and in paperback and hardback versions:

Alembic 1: POSITIONS: A Question of Sexual Mores
Alembic 2: 82 scores (for music)
Alembic 3: POEMS and other insects and other poems
Alembic 4: Jectory Tra

• The paperbacks are the affordable, reading version with B&W printing

• The hardbacks have colour illustrations with black text*

—all have colour covers.

I will be posting here soon on each book, with previews and background information provided. The intention is to be as creative and versatile as possible - just reach for that brush...

A      l      e      m      b      i      c      B      o      o      k      s

* with the exception of Jectory Tra, which is a definite, black and white bookwork

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