Tuesday, April 30, 2013

82 Proof

The first of the last swathe of proof reading material arrived on Monday, in preparation for the 2013 launch. I'm pleased that ordering from blurb.com is an efficient and fairly speedy service - it usually takes just under a week for an ordered book to arrive.

I was originally going to publish 82 scores solely as a paperback in colour but, on reflection, felt it would be best for it to be part of the initial b&w quartet I am going to publish in July. This also keeps it in line with the cost of the other paperbacks.

However, in addition, I've decided to release a colour, hardback version of the scores - signed - to accommodate those who don't mind spending a bit more and would welcome something robust for throwing at a tone-deaf partner/barking dog/Justin Bieber etc.*

* this is a joke. 82 scores does not condone violent actions (unless they are in the creation of music ;-)

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