Sunday, April 15, 2012


As mentioned in my Book of Next Things post I have found working on the webpages for 'Books in Sound and Light' very useful in thinking-through ideas and strategies.

Initially, my plan was to use the BiSaL site as a showcase for new digital bookworks but as I considered the menu items (the content) for this site it became clear that it might be useful as a means of showing my online note books (Chameleon Lectra Sketchbook area and the one for SoGG) plus earlier works, including 'A Book of Evaporation' (1994) and 'Kiss Cuts' (1995), as well as 'Collages' (1995), '82 Scores' (1996) and 'A Book of Hoverpoems' (2000).

This, in turn, led me to think about re-releasing my Alembic catalogue in printed book form (although some such as '82 Scores' also have an interactive version). Alembic Books was a small imprint I began shortly after graduating in 1990. There were several in the series, each with its own ISBN number and represented my first contact with Apple computers and desktop publishing (and stapling copious sheets of folded A4 paper!).

I will blog more about Alembic in a separate entry but the point here is that have begun to explore ways of making them available again (perhaps via and adding more books to the series: the unpublished 'Khartoun' (begun in 1991) featuring drawings by Geoff Stocker and a new title called 'mourHu'.

The advent of self publishing on the net and the rise of eBooks, iPads etc. means that I can finally marshal my forces; it feels as if the technology has caught up with my ambitions.

So, books, books, books.

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