Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Diary of Work on SoGG

SoGG schedule (notes to self)

I wish to document the progress and development of this new suite and am even considering starting a new blog for this purpose. In the meantime, the following is an attempt to trace some of the footprints of work on Songs of Garden Guitars:

Begun Fri April 1st with inspiration of reworked title and reinvention of CD cover (from British Library's 'Songs of Garden Birds').

1st movie templates made: Guitar Birds Songs 1 to 4. Blackbirdstarter folder made of actual blackbird song for ref (mainly length of phrases and gaps between).

Sat 2/4/11 First recording session

Sun 3/4/11 First Sons made ('B' Sons for Guitar Birds Songs 1)

Mon 4/4/11 Work on interactive templates; work on Guitar Birds Songs 1 & 2

Tue 5/4/11 New bird silhouette graphic for player 2

Wed 6/4/11 (University School day) Notes on train for ideas regarding presentation, concept and performance rules

(Q -- when did I work on Guitar Birds Songs 3?)

Thur 7/4/11 Scanned written notes

Fri 8/4/11 More visual ideas for gtr/bird graphic, general layout of design. Recording session.

Sat 9/4/11 Spoken notes made (as mp3s), online research on birdsong (including this article on vocal development in birds:; recording session; making of Sons

Sun 10/4/11 'Second wing Guitar Birds Song 4' - recording; making of Sons

Mon 11/4/11 More spoken notes made; Recording session (went very well)

Tue 12/4/11 Making of Sons (selection, adjusting, naming)

Wed 13/4/11 Integrating of Sons and new Nets for Guitar Birds Songs 4

Thur-Fri 14-15/4/11 More work on GBS4 - selection and recategorising of Sons; development of more Net ideas including 'solos' as x4 repeats

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