Saturday, May 08, 2010


You know how you just come across something one day and it can be the seed of future work...

I was reading Saturday's 'Guide' (published by the Grauniad newpaper), and in the exhibitions section there was a review of Nick Fox's Phantasieblume - 'a series of paintings inspired by the Victorian cultural phenomenon of Floriography'...
This does look like a terrific show but my interest was really captured by that word 'Floriography' - the combination of nature and science, and the echoes of my previous research areas - Phonography, Graphophone, Sonograph etc.

Writing with flowers - writing with fruit?

And so I came to thinking about some new words to inform my ideas for painting and made a sketchBook entry.


And speaking of coded flowers, the Lib Dems and the Conservatives are now in coalition -with the media thrown by this new situation and often trying to outdo each other in pointless, trivial banalities (BBC News 24 had some 'expert' reading Cameron's and Clegg's respective body language as they both went into No. 10). The truth is no one knows how this will turn out.


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