Sunday, August 03, 2008


The day has arrived.

After all my preparation, from priming canvasses and painting their edges, to visiting B&Q and WHS and pound shops for materials, to purchasing British fruit in Sainsburys, I'm finally at the point where I will coat a canvas in paint, salt solution and raspberries - and then leave it to dry.

My attitude to painting, the frame of mind I adopt, is very similar to my one for composing music: the paintings grow and develop partially through control, partially through accidents and unforeseen outcomes. I like working in this gap between chance and order. I also view each painting as a kind of dynamic experiment, which may or may not have a successful outcome but will at least provide an experience from which to learn.

1./ blender         2./ add fruit       3./ add salt sol.       4./ pulse

5./ pour mix       6./ mix in paint      7./ apply to canvas

Now all we have to do is wait:

Raspberries (variety Glen Ample, Scotland)
Atlantic Sea Salt (solution)
Velvet Matt Emulsion (Craig & Rose) - Red Velvet
Velvet Matt Emulsion (Craig & Rose) - Oriental Red
Chalky Emulsion (Craig & Rose) - Deep Burgundy
Acrylic (WHS) - Rose Madder
Acrylic (Cryler: Daler Rowney) - Cadmium Red
Acrylic (Galleria: Windsor & Newton) - Crimson

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