Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Sounds of an Imagined New Arts Building

'In September 2007 the University of Plymouth's Fine Art course will be moving from Exeter to Plymouth. One of the new locations to be used by the course will be the New Cooperage Building, Royal William Yard - also the venue for the Sonic Arts Network's Expo 2007 (22nd - 25th June).

To inaugurate the move, Chameleon Lectra has created a special licence within its Consemble 'Open Compositions' project'.

The above description is taken from the 'Consemble: Plymouth' page on the CL website and is the first manifestation of my soon to be launched 'Consemble' project (which I shall be writing about in more detail soon).

'Consemble: Plymouth' was exhibited online for the Sonic Arts Network's EXPO 2007 in Plymouth (22nd - 25th June), as part of the 'Distributed City' strand.


This indeterminate sound work features 60 sounds contributed by the Fine Art team at Exeter (University of Plymouth) guided by the theme: 'Plymouth New Build - Building the Sounds of the Art School We Want to Live In'. (I chose this theme to provide an opportunity to create a building in sound to represent an aspiration, a critique, a refuge etc.)

The audience experience this piece through an interactive player - they have the opportunity to both hear the work in its entirety (as much as an indeterminate piece allows) and to select particular sounds for inclusion in a 'mix area' (see image below).

'Consemble: Plymouth' premiered 22nd June 2007 and is now live.

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