Sunday, February 04, 2007

Field Notes 2007

My, how time flies. This purpose of this post is to describe Chameleon Lectra's plans for 2007 and to announce the launch of 'The Sound of the Field' sound art mail art project. Twenty eight people - ranging from composers to non-musicians - responded to TSOTF, sending sounds by post (as CDs), email or phone. Initially a small-scale endeavour, offered as a contribution to Field Study's 'Field Report', I realised the potential of such a project and in April 2007 I shall be launching 'Consemble' - an ongoing series of invitations to make PMusic tracks as part of an 'Open Compositions' initiative.

Consequently, with PMusic releases coming to the fore, some of my planned RMusic projects will be developed later in the year but are still very much present in my thinking. One idea is to do a Motile page with Robert Jarvis on the topic of 'sound ecology'. Robert recently appeared on a BBC Radio 4 programme 'Endangered Sounds' in which he spoke about this aspect of his work.
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