Saturday, April 22, 2006


On April 11th 2006 I launched SINGLES - the first PMusic project to be made available on the web.

The idea of SINGLES is to inaugurate the presentation of free Parallel music pieces both as a creative outlet and an opportunity to guage audience response to this new form of music. This project will enable me to focus on relatively small-scale, self-contained pieces and also allow me to explore visual and conceptual ideas in relation to my thinking on the record cover.

There are currently three SINGLES:
'Plum Blossom'
'Towards T'
'Andante Courtship'
- each one displaying individual compositional characteristics that have evolved from my working method (begun in 1994(!))

This launch also heralds the beginning of placing PMusic much more within the public arena and this year will see the release of larger scale works and accompanying writings (documentation, reflections on the process, prospective ideas etc.) Aspects of these will be sited in this blog.

If you like the sound of music that is different every time it plays please visit:

P.S. A fourth Single entitled 'Liquid Birdsong' has now been added (26th July 2006).

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